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Claire Sabin

Photography + Graphic Design

Based in Los Angeles 

Claire Sabin is a photographer and graphic designer based in Los Angeles California. She has had a passion for photography and visual design since she was a teenager, getting her first camera at age 16. Claire is completely self-taught and has worked with other artists, photographers, and brands to create meaningful art. She creates both digital and 35mm film photography. Since moving to California from Texas at the beginning of 2020, Claire has created an impressive portfolio of work, including multiple magazine publications, including mixed media art for a Notion publication of Daniel Ezra, Spotify photos for artists such as Phazzze, sexjacket, and Baby Bugs. 

Claire has worked as a freelance graphic designer, which has included projects such as design for the shoe brand Peluva including a shoebox with tissue paper design, sock packaging design, and website graphics. She also enjoys freelance photography in which she is able to collaborate with other creatives, brands, and artists. 

Marika Magazine / Top Posters Magazine / Notion Magazine / 


Peluva / Baby Bugs / Daniel Ezra / 

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